About RegenAlift

RegenAlift PDO threads

RegenAlift PDO threads offer a safe and effective means to regenerate the skin. The PDO threads uses the body's own healing ability to regenerate from the dermis layer.

  • Non invasive facelift - regenerates the skin by creating new collagen
  • Increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Creates a matrix and structure for the whole face
  • Improves the texture of the skin
  • Contours, Sculpts and Lifts
  • Perfect for defining the jaw line to create a younger look

The procedure is very safe - there are no incisions, no cuts, no scars, no downtime, no anaesthetic, very low risk, completely dissolves and leaves no residue.

The RegenAlift Range

The RegenAlift PDO threads are manufactured under very tight stringent quality control. The RegenAlift embedded needles include monos, double spirals and the latest designs in cog designs. The embedded needles are hard coated with a sharp ultra-fine point to make insertion easier for the practitioner whilst minimising the discomfort for the patient.


The RegenAlift Cogs

The Regenalift cogs offer the latest in 3D design. The cogs are placed very close together - separated by just 1.4mm all across and all around the high tensile PDO thread. The closeness of the cogs provides and ensures more grip and support in every cm to give a very natural facelift. The close proximity of the cogs ensures the even distribution of stress levels to give a firm, stable and lasting lift.

The RegenAlift cogs compared

More Cogs - More Lift