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RegenAlift PDO threads

Why is collagen important?

PDO threads are a synthetic filament used in the aesthetic industry to regenerate and lift sagging skin. As we age we lose collagen resulting in skin laxity and wrinkles. PDO threads are an exciting new treatment that acts as a  safe “foreign” body and therefore the impetus for your own body to create the collagen needed to heal and repair itself. The PDO threads are completely dissolved after 7-8 months, but the effects of the collagen created can last between 12 to 18 months. This revolutionary treatment is an effective way of creating long lasting 100% new mature collagen called Collagenesis.

Collagen level graphic as we age
Collagen level graphic of young skin
Young skin

Collagen is the building blocks of young healthy skin. Its loss or the body’s inability to create the same levels as we age is the single biggest factor that results in skin ageing. The solution: Replenish lost collagen – a delay the signs of ageing. PDO threads are the safest and most effective way of producing 100% new mature collagen.

Collagen level graphic of mature skin
Aged skin

RegenAlift PDO Threads


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