The Non Surgical Facelift

RegenAlift is a revolutionary new anti ageing product used by the medical profession to regenerate the skin by inducing the production collagen. The treatment carefully injects extremely fine micro PDO threads of Polydioxanone (PDO) into the skin. The PDO threads are very safe as they have been used as sutures in heart surgery for over 30 years. When the PDO threads are inserted into the skin, the body recognises the threads as a ‘foreign body’ and goes into repair and healing mode. In its effort to repair and heal, the PDO threads induce the production of collagen and elastins. Hence, the name, The Regenerative Facelift.
Now the regeneration process has begun!
The PDO threads dissolve completely in 7/8 months and the effects of the procedure will last between 18 months to 2 years. RegenAlift PDO threads induces the production of collagen to work seamlessly with the natural construction of the face to create a natural facelift. The PDO threads gets your skin to do what it does best - Regenerate itself!

RegenAlift PDO threads are especially selected to effectively regenerate ageing skin but to also lift sagging skin in particular the jaw line, nasolabial and brow. They are therefore the practitioners preferred choice of PDO threads.



Collagen and Elastins are the building blocks of young healthy skin. Collagen comes from the Greek word 'colla' meaning glue. Collagen is a connective tissue, a structural fibrous protein that keeps the skin, ligaments, muscles, teeth, gums etc. together, so essentially keeping 'you' - the whole body together.

The skin is made up of up to 60 per cent collagen and it is the level of collagen that will be responsible for the skin’s texture, elasticity and firmness. Ageing is primarily caused by the loss of collagen - it is this loss of collagen, the skins own connective tissue which weakens the muscles resulting in sagging skin/tissue, loss of volume and therefore resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. Internally, the increased collagen will strengthen the muscles to hold the tissue in place and prevent sagging. Externally, the proliferation of collagen will increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin, improve the texture, tighten and lift the skin creating a more youthful and refreshed look. RegenAlift PDO threads work with the natural construction of the face to create the Regenerative Facelift.

RegenAlift PDO threads offers a real alternative to the traditional facelift - Painless, Safe and Non Invasive.