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The next generation of PDO Threads

The non-surgical face lift

The quest to attain eternal beauty may have remained the same over the centuries but technological advances have been transformational with non-invasive and non-surgical treatments winning popularity over more conventional, invasive treatments. PDO threads are just one of the technological advances that have revolutionised the aesthetic industry.  Finally, there is a lifting solution! PDO threads are a soft alternative to the conventional invasive surgical facelift. Completely resorbable and performed under local anaesthetic, it offers a safe and simple solution that can achieve very natural results.

RegenAlift PDO threads offer the latest in design and technology, specially crafted for easier and safer implantation to lift the full face or treat select areas of the face. Medical practitioners can offer a minimally invasive facelift or treat individual parts of the face such as a cheek lift, brow lift or even a neck lift … And all of this non surgically!

RegenAlift PDO Threads


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